Super humans have existed in one form or another throughout history. Many have fought for the sake of humanity, while others have attempted to use their superiority to lord over the populace. In addition to superior human potential, the citizens of Earth have learned of other species in the last century with the discovery of the bird-people or Avion, the sea-dwellers of Atlantis, and the mole-people of Lemuria; also alien races have made themselves known to Earth. In 1988 an alien cruiser exploded in Earth's upper atmosphere, and over the following decade the resulting radiation caused changes in almost 5% of the human population.

Most countries have some form of superhero ordinance, allowing masked vigilantism within certain guidelines (i.e. versus other superhuman threats, no killing), though many individuals ignore these restrictions. Law enforcement usually turns a blind eye to the anti-heroes of the world, but there is often a thin line between hero and criminal.


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